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Milana Bras Suppport & Comfort In One

genie bra :: Milana Bras Suppport & Comfort In One
April 27, 2013

So I am not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way companies who manufacture “intimates” for women decided we all need to be uncomfortable! And also look like we had implants whether we like it or not! Have you shopped for bras lately? Am I the only one that doesn’t appreciate the look and feel of a bra that is packing more padding than my butt! Is they are pretty, sexy if you will, but practical??? Sorry but when my girls change in size with every bra change, due to the amount of padding, people begin to wonder…trust me they may not say anything, but they wonder…!

My granddaughter and I had a fun time in the store one day, comparing bras, all the same sizes but with different amounts of padding. Not only did they look entirely different in “size” but my god, some were so padded the SWAT teams vests don’t have that much protection! We never laughed so hard! Sorry this is sounding like a rank, but in a way it is! I have struggled for so long to find bras that can be worn for everyday wear. Support and comfort in one, natural looking, not 3 inches of padding, and without costing huge bucks! There is no way I am the only women that feels this way, my girls are normal size and if I wanted them two sizes bigger I may appreciate all that extra padding, but is it needed everyday??? They have there time and place, but every bra on the rack is the same way…. :/ With the exception of sports bras, which is what I turnt to, but lets face it most are not “pretty”, and tend to do the opposite, flatten you! Their just bras, should it be this hard…!!

On my quest to find a bra that not only is flattering but also comfortable to wear all day, I came across Milana Bra. I decided to contact them to do a review, and was excited when I received the “yes”. Milana Bra’s are made by “Genie”, and although I had heard of the Genie Bras I had never tried one. Kinda blowing them off as one of those, “oh come on, how can that work” type of products we see advertised. My first mistake, my girls could have been living in comfort long before now! While looking naturally great!

I received the Milana Bra in Nude, it’s a version of the original Genie bra, however a layer of hand-sewn lace was added so it can also double as a cami and adds that touch of femininity. Perfect for under a low cut top, dress, or sweater the added lace adds a nice little touch.

What I love about the Milana Bra:

The Everlast comfort stretch material, it moves with you not against you. You put it on and literally forget you’re wearing it.

Form Fitting, with soft contour cups, so the girls stay where they are suppose to, but with a natural look and movement.

The “magic pouch” support the “modesty pads” that look completely natural, NO NOT inches thick, just enough padding to add a little extra lift, and coverage if YOU decide it’s needed. They are simple to put in or take out, through a completely hidden side opening, and they stayed in place in the “pouch”. NO more looking flattened out like most sports bras do!

The seamless construction is great under tops that are thinner and I liked that the nude color blended away under white, rather than showing through.

No hooks, underwires to poke you, and the girls are supported in a natural way, with a natural look! The material is super soft and comfortable, made of 96% nylon and 4% spandex, I found it to have perfect support for all activities.

Additional reasons you’ll love the Milana Bra: 3 zones of comfort, control, lift, shape and support for all sizes

1. Bust Zone: Soft contour cups and rouged center custom conforms to your shape to help smooth and separate bust while concealing cleavage. Knitted wide support band helps lift and support bust
2. Side Zone: helps control under arm and side spillage.
3. Back Zone: Full back control panel with comfortable compression helps smooth back and minimize back fat.

This is a bra you can feel supported, but natural in and look like you, only better! It doesn’t ride up, it’s easy to slip in and out of, and comfortable enough to sleep in if you choose to! The Milano Bra has ended my quest for a comfortable, supportive bra, and now I just need one in the black and white, so I can do my own “bra burning”!!

Honestly ladies, if you’re like I always have been, you go out, work, shopping whatever and the first thing you do when you get home is strip yourself of that darn uncomfortable thing we call bra’s, this is the one you need to get! A bra you’ll forget you’re wearing! You can buy the Milana Bra in Sets, one of each color, for 3 payments of $19.99 with free shipping! Sizing available for women of all size ranges, check the sizing chart for which is right for you.

The other item that I was sent by Genie, was the Cami Shaper, it’s a three in one girls best friend! It’s a bra, a cami and a shaper! Lets face it there are those certain outfits, tops, or dresses that we were that could look better….the little bulge here, and there that ruin the look we’re going for. Since I’ve put on a few pounds I found myself not liking white, or light colored tops, a roll here, and there were just to noticeable for me to feel comfortable. Not any more!

The natural color Cami Shaper made of the same material as the Milana Bra, also with the “magic pouch”, so its just as comfortable to wear. But not only do the girls get the support they need to look great, but so does the rest of your upper body. It controls those unsightly “love handles”, front and back!

When I first recieved it I noticed it was softer than it looks, and then I wondered why the bottom hem has a flare to it. Well geez, duh…so does our hips…when you put it on it not only helps to smooth everything, it goes completely over the tops of your hips to finish the smooth silhouette, and stays in place.

The major plus of the Genie Cami Shaper is it does give those of us that need it, a smoother looking torso. Its comfortable compression, smooths out the tummy, back and upper abs. The first thing I did was to put on one of my white tops with it and wah-la there was a noticeable difference, it made enough of a difference for me to feel comfortable in white again! And it was comfortable to wear the whole day, it did not roll up, it stayed right where I put it, over my hips tucked in my jeans. It is perfect for wearing with tops for a smoother look, but I think under a dress it will really give that smooth body look and will be very flattering, as well as flattening, Huh! :)

5 zones of comfortable compression targeting your trouble areas (back, sides, stomach, love handles and muffin top)
Back: Racerback control panel helps smooth the back and minimize back fat.
Bust: Built-in Genie Bra with soft contour cups custom conforms to your shape to help lift & support bust, reduce spillage and eliminate layers. Magic Pouch accommodates removable modesty pads for extra lift and coverage.
Sides & Waist: vertical control panels to help smooth lumps and bumps on sides.
Stomach: Firmer compression targets your entire mid section, upper abs, core and lower abs for a toned firmer, slimmer appearance.
Love Handles: Flare comfort band hugs your hips to help control hips and love handles.

The Genie Cami Shapers are also sold in sets of 3, (in colors preselected), such as nude, white, and black, great summer color sets also, Three payment of $19.99 for 3. Very affordable for a 3 in one that does all this one does! I want a set of summer cami’s, now that I know how comfortable they are, look great alone and perfect for all activities while still giving comfortable control!

Happy Sniffing 4 Savings