Questions about the Cami Shaper

Q.  Is the Cami Shaper machine washable?

A.  Yes, the Cami Shaper is machine washable.

Q.  I purchased the Cami Shaper with Pads, Should I remove the pads before washing?

A.  Yes, if you purchased the Cami Shaper with Pads you should remove the pads before washing.

Q.  Can I put the Cami Shaper in the dryer?

A.  Yes, The Cami Shaper can go in the dryer.

Q.  What fabric is the Cami Shaper made of?

A.  The Cami Shaper is 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex.

Q.  Does the Cami Shaper have hooks?

A.  No, The Cami Shaper is a one piece seamless shaper that is so comfortable you can sleep in it.

Q.  Can I order 3 of the same color?

A.  No each pack contains 1 white, 1 black and 1 nude Cami Shaper

Q.  What size Cami Shaper should I buy?

A.  Please refer to the sizing chart. Sizing is based on your shirt size.

Q.  Is Cami Shaper hard to get on?

A.  No, unlike other shapers, you step into Cami Shaper and pull it up over your torso, no struggling with it over your head.

Q.  Can I wear my Cami Shaper as a camisole?

A.  Yes, the Cami Shaper is designed to be a camisole as well as a shaper. It gives you the camisole look with out the added bulky layer.

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